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Where Does a Miracle Begin?

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

Where Does a Miracle Begin?

August 08, 2012

Where did the entire concept of miracles begin? Was it not at creation when God separated the waters from the dry land to obtain the substance from which man was created in His image? Interestingly enough, this is the same principle of the separated waters at work in every miracle; there is always a separation of the waters above, from those beneath.

It is where the breath of life comes into the picture, coming from the spiritual waters from above, as opposed to those from beneath. Life is the beginning of miracles for every person who has ever lived. No one can say that one has never experienced a miracle.

God called, from out of the nations, a people for Himself who were to covenant with Him in obedience and faithfulness. He called His people Israel. He was going to demonstrate His glory by working miracles for these people. First of all, they had to come to the understanding that, without God, they were just like all the other nations of the empires of the world. They would be slaves to the world system where Satan ruled with the snake firmly etched on the forehead of its world king who claimed to be a god, but had no power where miracles were concerned. This was the lesson, which Israel had to learn in Egypt.

Pharaoh was the first god-king of the empire-building nations of the world where brute force and the power of the sword brought nations together in unity under his power. But his strength was nothing compared to the power of God who could separate the waters. And separate the waters He did, as He divided the sea to create dry land upon which His people Israel crossed over to the other side. He performed one miracle after another before Pharaoh’s eyes.

Now, the seawaters beneath had the religious spirits of Satan and death in them. It was the sin of man, which took him into religious idolatry and opened the flood gates for the separated waters to return, coming back to mix with the dust of the land, or substance of man. The spiritual water of man was corrupted, as was his seed, so that he was no longer able to be fruitful and produce children for God, who would be free of sin and the death penalty, which sin placed upon him.

But, Israel had been chosen to come onto the way back to the tree of life, and have the river waters of the Spirit of life from above restored to her. God was going to do another miracle of the waters. He was going to deliver His people to the Promised Land of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and his sons of the twelve tribes of Israel. He was not only going to part the waters again to create dry land, but He was going to pile up the waters of the Jordan River, all the way back to a city called Adam. This speaks of all mankind, from Adam forward, having the possibility of entering a kingdom on earth ruled by the Lord God, as it was in the Garden, to which the Promised Land points prophetically.

Obedience to God’s Word and faith in Him were the keys to Israel’s success. Moses and Joshua were symbolic figures of Jesus who would once again separate the spiritual waters of the world empires from the living water. With His blood sacrifice, the pure river of life flowed from His side, as the only source for the living water, ever again to enter into this world, to offer man salvation. It released the same Spirit by which Jesus was begotten by the Father. He was a Son of Man who could take man’s sin for him, but He was also a Son of God who could restore the living water to man.

Interestingly enough, God filled John the Baptist with the Holy Spirit from conception, so that he became an agent of God to portray the coming changing of the spiritual waters in those who believed on Jesus for salvation from death. Even in the womb, his spirit connected with that of Jesus. God used his water baptism to demonstrate a spiritual truth of the separating and changing again of the waters in man’s life so that he could come out of one and receive the other. Jesus had no sin and no need of baptism, but God used the occasion of His baptism to demonstrate the fact that the Spirit above rested on Jesus and in Him, and He alone, as the Son of God, could change the spiritual waters in man’s life. This is the amazing miracle of grace, which God has offered as a free gift to man.

The crossover of the cross from the nation to the spiritual nation means that the spiritual promise to Abraham now moved from the nation to the uncut stones of the church. They were apostles of the truth, as opposed to being buildings of religion made of brick and cut stone. The church consisted of anyone from all nations who believed on Jesus for salvation and called upon Him, as the only One who could return the Spirit of life to man. All one had to do was ask Him for this incredible gift of being reborn in the Spirit as a new man, freed from the condemned seed of Adam. That is all it takes for the miracle of being born again of the Spirit, instead of remaining as a person of the flesh doomed to die. Healing the sickness of the flesh does not restore life. At best, its results are temporary, compared to the healing of the soul spiritually, allowing one to conquer death and receive eternal life.

The nations are no different. The eastern religious nations of Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism, along with their world gods, can offer no such spiritual change, given only to the sons and daughters of God through Jesus who is alive and well today. Mohammed is as dead as a doornail and will remain so for having not trusted in Jesus for rebirth in the Spirit and salvation. All of the eastern meditation and yoga of the world will not deliver life in the Spirit.

The United Nations of religious states can no more deliver peace to the world than a sacred cow can. Jesus is the Prince of peace and only in Him will nations know peace. The United Nations is the mere forerunner to Satan’s One World Order of nations, which will function in the spiritual seawaters of death, as was John the Baptist the forerunner to Jesus, who is the very Spirit of Life.

Nothing demonstrates this looming disaster of the coming iron empire better than the sinking of the iron ship, Titanic, taken down by God’s releasing of the frozen seawaters, which cut right through the iron side of the ship. If you believe that was a night to remember, the memory of it will pale next to the coming destruction of nations by nations, going deeply into the waters of eternal darkness in the most brutal manner ever to be seen in the history of this world. There will be no lifeboats at all on this occasion, other than the spiritual boat provided on the river of life, with Jesus at the helm.

How foolish of America, which once declared the Bible to be truth and God the Divine Ruler over the entire land, to have given this up for the spiritual waters of religion and death! What do the religious cults and illegals she chooses have to offer in comparison, if not murderous, drug-dealing criminals, some of whose children carry swords as a symbol of their religion? They want no part of a peaceful God, who will accept none of their sinful shenanigans.

 This nation is taking the fastest route possible to the bottom of the sea – the same route the Egyptian army of Pharaoh took to the bottom of the Red Sea. When Jesus parts the waters for His own to come out of this world of spiritual death and into the life of the kingdom, the nations are going to be seen sinking into the depths of the sea, as a result of their violence, killing and wars by which they carried out the work of their empires under Satan. There is no miracle for them without a changing of the waters.

Yes, the Egyptian Empire’s spiritual river (the Gihon) has dried up as has the Assyrian Empire’s river (the Hiddekel). But the Babylonian waters of the Euphrates have just released a massive dose of evil into the world, causing riots and violence to erupt everywhere. The spiritual waters are as rushing torrents, luring the nations back into a One World Order, as it was in Babel, with man attempting to complete the religious tower-building once begun there millennia ago.

A unity of religion will be required for the coming One World Order to be put in place. The World Council of Churches promotes such unity within Christianity and issues the invitation to all religions, thanks to fools such as Rick Warren and, yes, even Billy Graham and the Pope. There is no purity from religious spirits in such a move like that required by Joshua when Israel went in to possess the land. God demanded that the Israelites were to kill all peoples of the religious cults within the land and destroy all their possessions, removing them from their midst.

America should have done the same, instead of electing religious hypocrites to government, who want to join with the enemy in every satanic way – in one-world-trading, one-world-religion and, through the United Nations, one-world-government. Together, they make up the number of the Beast, which is 666.

We deserve the leadership we have elected, and God will use it to take the nation down. Who could deny that we are watching the sun set on the western exceptionalism of an America under God? Watch for the tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, fires and earthquakes, which are increasing with a rapidity, not previously seen here. Her clean water and plentiful food supplies are being taken away, and health care as she once knew it is disappearing. The deadly seawaters of illegalism and multiculturalism are pouring into her sinking ship.

Is it too late to reverse the process? It is never too late for a nation to get down on her knees and repent before her God. He has always had the power over the waters to create miracles, available to those who seek them from Him. He can separate the waters again as quickly as He separated the Red Sea and piled up the Jordan River. However, it ‘ain’t’ going to happen unless we call on the name of the Lord and send the false gods scurrying back whence they came. You cannot have it both ways!

“I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. You shall have no other gods before Me. You shall not make for yourself any carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth; you shall not bow down to them nor serve them. For I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate Me, but showing mercy to thousands, to those who love Me and keep My commandments (Exodus 20:2-6).”

This is the first commandment of God; there is no other, which comes before it. It sets the stage for miracles, which come with a change of the spiritual waters in the life of a nation and its people.