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Where Heaven Meets Earth

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

Where Heaven Meets Earth

July 02, 2012

Surely, heaven meets with earth when the sun rises in the morning over the distant hills and then settles back down on the horizon in the evening to disappear again. And God said, “Let there be light”, so that His magnificent creation could be seen and understood, having been created good in every way.

He provided food, watered from above, which was separated from the waters beneath. He then took the separated, dry dust of the earth and breathed the breath of life into it, making it a living being, in His own image.

Now, this marvelous Lord God of the entire universe did the most incredible thing; He made man, you and me, partners in this process of creation by the coupling of man and woman to give birth. He created the institution of marriage, for the protection and safety of His precious little creations, for which purpose a man would leave his father and mother and would be joined to his wife; and the two would become as one flesh and multiply. He established this strong covenanting bond for the good of man and for the good of their little children of the one flesh union.

This gracious and awesome God went on to make man supreme over the earth and the beasts of the fields. He was to take dominion over them while, at the same time, remain under God and His supreme ruler-ship over all. God had enormous plans for mankind, for He was about to light up the entire universe with the same light and goodness, which He gave to His creation on earth. He did not leave us without understanding of these things, but rather gave us the sun, moon and stars, which were for signs and seasons and for days and years, as He separated the day from the night. In this way, God made light the judge of time, as to whether it would be temporal or eternal.

It would appear the darkness from which creation was separated was a threat to all things created in the light. It was from out of darkness that He brought His creation into the light. What was that light? It was the light of the pre-incarnate Jesus Christ, who had the Spirit of life in Him; for He was the truth and the only way to life. Without His breath, or Spirit of life, breathed into the dust, there is no life; there is only dust, darkness, and death.

So, needless to say, the Law of God was established immediately for man’s safety. Keeping His commandment, the only necessary Law of the Garden of creation, would depend on the spiritual food he should choose to eat. For man was made a living being by the Spirit of life coming from the pre-incarnate Jesus who, one day, would come in the flesh, claiming His role as God by declaring Himself to be the way, the truth, and the life.

In the Garden He was symbolized by the fruit-bearing tree, the tree of life providing the spiritual food, which, when eaten, would make the role of man eternal and fruitful, when he birthed more living beings, fit to become more lights of the universe with Him. The incredible thing is that God wanted to share His ruler-ship and the process of creation with the living beings, which He had created as man. In a sense, He had made them fruit-bearing trees, too, to which, one day, He would refer by using the symbolism of the fruit-bearing, fig tree.

However, there was a stipulation attached to receiving this incredible offer of kingship with God, the dominion of which would be ever increasing. Man must honor God and His Law so darkness could not creep back to destroy creation. There was forbidden spiritual food in the Garden. To disobey Him and eat of this forbidden fruit from the forbidden tree of the knowledge of good and evil would bring upon man his own destruction.

Such an act would result in the loss of the Spirit of life as well as the light, so that man would once again return to darkness and to the dust whence he came. In so doing, he would become like a blind man, with the scales of the serpent covering over his eyes. He would be nothing more than a walking dead man, stumbling about in the dark, without any spiritual understanding. God wanted no such man in His realm; He only desired to have a reliable partner who would respond to His truth, rather than the lies of religion. For this reason, He gave man free will, desiring that he would make the right choice to eat only the right spiritual food from the beginning.

The question was whether or not man would choose life in light or the darkness of death; only the choice for the light would allow him to retain the Spirit of life with which God had blessed him. The alternative of darkness meant his separation from God and a ruler-ship of man over man, independent of his Creator, in what today is called liberalism. His new master would become Satan, the author of death and destruction, and the enemy of light and life. Satan, or the devil, is the fallen angel, Lucifer, who made just such a wrong choice, long before God placed His created, living being in the Garden of Eden.

Satan’s angry response to God was to do as much damage as possible to destroy creation and the living being, who would take his place in the heavenly realm alongside of God. His problem of pride led to his wanting to be worshiped like the Most High God. His method of doing battle with God was to induce man to believe a lie, the fruit of his spiritual tree, which offered evil along with the good. It is the counterfeit of the truth. It was a well-packaged, alluring promise, which looked good and sounded good, but was, in fact, only a beautifully wrapped package of religion, a belief system out of which serpents crawl to kill and destroy.

They come from the spiritual seawaters beneath – the seawaters, which God knew were so dangerous for His living beings, and from which He had separated them. In fact, the seawaters are the spiritual waters behind a fallen world of nation-building empires ruled by religions, which kill and destroy. The process is called liberalism, and it is progressive; it grows like leaven in a loaf of bread, until it fills the entire world. God called it sin, for liberalism is the antichrist spirit against the Christ, who, as the Son of God, came to save His creation from the enemy of darkness and death.

God, Himself, would come in His incarnate form of Jesus to die in our place and return that Spirit of life back to man by taking his death sentence upon Himself in man’s place. In His purity of the Spirit of life, He would be resurrected to live again eternally, never having sinned. This was His gift to man, the giving of His Spirit, so that man, through Him, might once again receive the Spirit of life, and live as a new creation in the spirit. After having rejected God’s Spirit once by having come to know evil and the pain, suffering and wars it causes, you would think man would jump at the gift of salvation; but, no, he still chooses the lies of religion.

The religious lie tells man that peace can be had through nations and empires ruled by man and not by Jesus. Satan hates Him and His truth, for he has no sword as powerful as the double-edged sword of truth. Did you know the Bible is God’s weapon against the sword of Satan, which kills and destroys mankind? It tells you everything you need to know to defeat Satan and his darkness. It offers the Spirit of life so you can be born again out of this death trap as a new creation once more in the Spirit of life and truth.

Jesus is absolutely right and clear in this matter, as He is in all things. He is the way, the truth, the life and the light of creation. He wants you back from your harlotry as His partner of the marriage bed and as the reflected light of the moon and the stars to the sun in a dark universe. He wants redemption to go all the way, dispelling all darkness to give life to the dust of the entire universe, which would have been created good at one time, as are all things created by God, over which He rules as the Creator.

Perhaps you can now understand why liberalism wants to take the schools and children captive. The emperors – Pharaoh, Caesar, Herod and Hitler, to name a few empire leaders and would-be empire leaders, all wanted to kill those Jewish babies raised in godly truth who were of God’s nation and people who had been given the truth, and not the lies of religion, by their God of truth. They, alone, received the Scriptures and no one else was given them. As a would-be empire leader, Ahmadinejad knows this very well, and so wants Israel driven into the sea, where, in fact, he, himself, will be going as an agent of Satan.

At the cross, the Jew became the believer in Jesus Christ. His church, which He established, became the house of Israel, and His ruling partner with whom He would share His bed and His throne. The spiritual foundation, upon which is established the throne of David, will be only truth, void of all religion. Jesus declared to the Samaritan woman at the well that the worship of God will only be in spirit (the Spirit of life) and in truth; there is no other way leading to the kingdom.

You have a choice to make, for His marriage covenant stands, but only in one Spirit, and that is the Spirit of life. Simply ask and you will receive; but you cannot have it both ways by trying to serve two masters of two very different and opposing spirits – one of life and one of death.