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Who Really Was Solomon, King of Israel and Son of David? 

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  … from a different perspective

 by Elinor Montgomery


Who Really Was Solomon, King of Israel and Son of David?


March 30, 2023

Was Solomon not son of Bathsheba, the wife of King David, the king of Israel? He was born into the line of Enoch, of the lineage of Seth, as was Noah-two men, both sons of the Adamic line, deemed by God to be righteous. God took Enoch up at the end of his lifetime, and Noah was saved from going down in the flood by building a boat, shaped like an ark. After just 1000 years on earth, man was so full of evil and violence that God regretted He had created him. Judgment fell on the entire earth except upon Noah and those in the ark with him who escaped the judgment. 


Noah was a type of Jesus and the ark was a type of the covenant of God with Abraham and the ark of the covenant, which travelled with the Israelites throughout their journey in the wilderness, going from captivity in the empire of Egypt to freedom under the rule of the Lord God. Does the journey for man not continue until freedom comes in the kingdom of God on earth?


In the book of Genesis, once again we see a capsulated picture of the house of Israel being united to God in a glorious salvation of the Lord. The movement of God’s people is here, ever westward toward the setting sun with darkness falling on the Pacific Rim. It is here where America will finish her decline as a free nation under God.


Violence began only recently, with the wickedness of Progressive Liberalism, raising its ugly head on the west coast once the people had allowed voter fraud to steal away the thriving, legitimate government under the presidency of Donald Trump. The same Progressive Liberalism has handed the ultimate control of a climate-controlled, ravaged nation by the Multicultural, cultic crew of the United Nations, which holds the cards, just waiting to usher in a One World Order of evil government. These are the same cards, which were once in the hands of God’s people, but they gambled their security away in the temples of the casino gods, dotting every, high hill in the countryside, along with every gas station and food-chain-store in the country. They added imported drugs to this and you have the making of the sharp edge of an iceberg waiting to take the ship of fools down without a lifeboat of salvation.


At twelve o’clock midnight, on the clock of time, I can assure you panic will break out among the pilgrims of history traveling the broad road that leads to destruction, when they suddenly realize they have no ark of the covenant and no guiding hand of a Lord who can lead all the way to a kingdom they have never sought to discover. They will see nothing but a swampland for as far as they can see through the darkness beginning to engulf them. How could they have been so foolish? Was it not the curse of sin that drew Canaan, son of Ham, son of Noah, right into the arms of Babylon, as soon as the ark came to rest on the purified earth of terra firma?


God spoke to Noah and his sons saying that His covenant would be established with him and his descendants after him and with every living creature that was with him–every beast of the earth that goes out of this ark of salvation with him. For man, in his sin had become no more than a beast and child of the beast of sin whose father is the devil.  The sign of the covenant was the rainbow, pointing to the light of the world-Jesus, broken for you and me. The rainbow would be in the cloud of water from above for the waters tell the story of the two, opposing, spiritual waters of the world–the waters from beneath and those from above. The entire history of the world is the conflict between the spiritual deadly seawaters beneath and those from above that come down as the clouds form above to distribute their goodness beneath. It is a spiritual, circular movement with no beginning and no end but rather eternal and circular in its non-ending form–what goes around comes around.


God will look upon the cloud in which He places the rainbow and remember that His covenant is with Noah and every living thing. Is it not all the contaminated blood of the world that would cause the Lord God to allow this terrible thing to happen to His beloved Son – to be broken for the likes of you and me, in our beastly state? It would remind Him that He has made an everlasting covenant and the kingdom is sealed and locked by a key given to His Son who, in turn, gave that key only to His apostolic church. A key of covenant marriage was handed to the King of kings who would in turn watch His story of history unfold to produce a bride for Him from the long list of the righteous, all the way back to Noah, the sons of Adam, even Adam himself, for the waters of the Jordan were parted and piled up way back to a city called Adam, when Joshua led Israel of the inheritance in to possess the Land. 


He is the Lord God who alone holds the key to His kingdom and is preparing for the coming marriage of the bride to His Son, the Lamb. Only truth, and not religion, will ever hold the key to the door for the most valuable invitation anyone can ever receive, and it will never open a door for one dressed in the priestly robes of religion. Jesus warned the priests of the temple that their father was the devil.


The opposing form is made of linear, straight lines, one could say, like the edges of a page, corrugated on one side as if out of a ringed book binder holding them together. Could one not say like the pages of the Bible? Every, perfect, linear page with straight-lines represents truth. Does Jesus not say of Himself, that He is the way, the truth and the life, which is to say, ‘the blood of salvation, for no one comes to the Father except through the Son?’


The first book of the New Testament begins with the near relative of Noah, called Abraham, having the second, covenanting voice of thunder from God that produces a dangerous flash of lightning, with Noah’s voice being the first voice of thunder or edict of God for His covenant with man. It initiates the move through a righteous line leading from Abraham to Joseph, the man whom God chose, like He chose Noah, whom He would entrust to raise His precious Son. Who better than a carpenter for the job of teaching Him the importance of being able to construct perfectly straight lines of rectangles and the curved lines of circular forms when in the building business? One could say that Donald Trump seemed to have embraced similar principles in managing the business affairs of America, for the United States.


As we carefully regard the lineage, which leads to Joseph, the supposed father of Jesus, we see it goes back to King David’s throne through Mary, and not through Joseph who is a descendant of Solomon who, in sin, lost his entitlement to such a throne. Through the woman, the virgin Mary who never had known a man, was established the virgin birth of her Son Jesus, Immanuel, the King and Savior of mankind, but not the warrior king of this world, the Yeshua, or worldly king they wanted and received in Saul. Such a worldly king would never have protected his so-called virginal wife, or his so-called bastard son.


Solomon was conceived by Bathsheba under the very tawdry sin of David, but a child of their marriage and not of their sin, placing him in possible line for the kingship of Israel, with the promised inheritance of the Covenant of God with his fathers, Abraham and Noah, and in his time, that of his father, King David. If Jesus’ natural father were of Solomonic lineage then there would be a fissure in the perfect pathway of the righteousness of Abraham and Noah to Jesus. God had said that a son of Solomon’s descendants would never sit on the throne of Israel, except during his father David’s lifetime for the sake of David.


It would be the blatant choice of Solomon to cover the hills of Israel with the idols of foreign wives of the empirical nations, the other nations of the known world of his day. For one who asked for wisdom from God and one who achieved attracting the glory of God to his temple, he then revealed he had no understanding of sin to go with his wisdom. Perhaps the weight of gold that came to Solomon yearly, being that of 666 talents of gold, along with the money of traders and government were enough to tip the scales of his heart toward lust (see 1 Kings10:14). He is a message to all people trapped in the Babylonian system of empires, revealed to Daniel all those centuries ago. They are still trapped in the Roman-based religion of Christianity, about to go down with the empire as the final and strongest of them all, which will produce a world order of religion. America is scarred with pagan temples all over her beautiful countryside full of religious Multiculturalism.


As Solomon brought Multiculturalism into Israel, Progressive Liberalism has done the same thing in America with her religious tolerance laws. Not only has it been the ruination of the nation, but also it can destroy our salvation. Still there is the bride, the reviving, apostolic church of today, who, like Elisha, with double the anointing of Elijah, will have triple the anointing as she deals with religion and the Asherahs of witchcraft. Surely, the bride is the one to call to the world to listen to the Voice of the Kingfisher of men, God’s voice for liberty to blow a trumpet in America–no leaven, no leaven, no leaven-the religion of the Pharisees (see Exodus, chapter 12)–just a feast of Joseph-like grain to inherit a place in the Transfiguration, along with her brothers, a place of great understanding.


Solomon, having introduced a fissure in the house of David, failed the righteousness test, where Joseph, husband of Mary, the mother of Jesus, would be given the complete, worldly authority to be the couple to raise Jesus in righteousness of Spirit and truth. The Virgin Mary and Joseph provided all the purity this world had to offer–to make the perfect union to raise and nurture the Son of God. It is evident that the bride of the church must offer a similar kind of purity where there is nothing but Spirit and truth with no leaven, no leaven, no leaven, if she is to bring forth a priesthood for her Beloved, which must be united as one (male and female), sons and daughters for God, in a full house of Israel unlimited by national or sexual boundaries. Will it not become a new kingdom on earth of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and His bride?


Is this not how much He loves us, to make us part of the majestic, royal family of heaven, to open her door and allow the bride at last to be united with her spiritual Husband from on high? Surely it will be the only feast that will count–the Wedding Feast of the Lamb. There can never be an honor greater than that of being chosen by the Lord Himself, to be His fruitful partner who will deliver the child of their union to the Father of mankind, so He can receive the fruitfulness of His Garden. It will take 7000 years to grow, including a 7th day Sabbatical, when Satan will be chained and then released to consume the rest of those who love their religions and are unable to exist without them. Man has been slow indeed to learn that man’s wisdom is not the equal of the wisdom of God. This is why He gave the Law, so we would not chase after the governments of Satan and allow our spiritual lives to be controlled by the lawlessness of the species.


And in all your getting, get understanding (Proverbs 4:7) or you will be deceived. Remember the serpent was once the most beautiful of creatures, but now you will find there is a slippery serpent lurking wherever you go. The bite of idol worship can be deadly. Yet all of North American Law claims God has dominion from sea to sea and it is in God we trust as the God of the entire two nations of North America, with Canada in the North, and USA to the South. There has always been an almost non-existent border between the two, with traffic going back and forth freely for years.


Are the sins of Solomon not still with us as the King’s Town of Canada receives the prophecy singling it out for the return of Jesus to this world? Will He seek to replay history and by-pass the mighty blessed country of the South, which only knows Canada as the home of country cousins, like those of the Galilee?


Will it not all begin anew with a massive storage of the grain in the King’s Town, which will draw the covenant to come to rest with a woman seeking purity in a place where her children can come to a feeding trough for the animals of no understanding? There, they will find the food at last of pure grain, unleavened in its purity, which has fallen from heaven as the manna delivered directly by Jesus.


What was the problem with Solomon’s temple and how did it compare with the Christian church steeples of today? They are built more like the tower of Babel–reaching to the sky, ignoring the hearts of man for all the religious idols that are to do with tower building and the works of man’s hands with the stones he shapes with tools.


Will the church of the Lord and His apostles not come into a revival of functioning only in Spirit and in truth after centuries of imprisonment to the Roman, pagan high priest of Christianity and their gargoyles and towers?  Martin Luther began the exodus from Romanism, but it is only in this century that the latter-day, apostolic church will rise again in purity and freedom from a reviving Roman World Empire. Is it not about 400 years later, or thereabout that the blood of the cross must be on the doorpost of our hearts?


The glory of God filled the newly built temple of Solomon and God warned that His glory would only remain there as long as the Israelites worshiped and honored only Him. There is no form at all that God offers for religion to be attached to His Laws of truth. He never once said He was the way, the truth, the religion and the life, nor did He ever call His church Christian.

Isn’t it wonderful how far the Lord can go to show the miracles of the water, which only He can perform? Here, it represents Bible quality pages of the final scroll, which only He can open as the scrolls of old become the Bible of today with writing on both sides as though pulled out of a ringed book. Is it coincidental they were only seen here at 1066 King Street West in the King’s Town where the grain was shipped out to the entire world from the loading docks on each side of our bay? Jesus said to me that I would distribute the grain like Joseph did all those years ago to save a nation about to exit an empire to possess their kingdom nation prepared for them. We are approaching the real exodus that finishes the journey in captivity to the world of empires to become free once again in a world under the rule of the King of kings. It is interesting that, once again, God’s people of America are getting ready for a departure from captivity some 400 years after their arrival in the land, and with the blood of the Lamb on the doorpost of their hearts-in the circular and the linear, in Spirit and in truth.


Of course, the spirits of circles are close on their heels as they attack the Bible pages in an attempt to put an end to the truth as darkness covers the world without light. However, the Jubilee Year speaks of rest and lands being returned to their rightful owners. Now is the time to pray and unite for freedom first in America, the land where God has dominion from sea to sea. Has one ever seen such an ice display of the impossible?

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Elinor is the author of many books, her most recent being: Where the Paths Meet on the Road to Greatness.


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