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Why Does the World Hate Israel, and now America?

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

Why Does the World Hate Israel, and now America?

July 05, 2012

Among all the nations there has never been one like Israel, one as hated or as reviled by this world. How many other nations have moved in upon her to kill Jews, including the Christians from Rome? Before God had even taken her into her own land, and established her as a nation, the first world empire of Egypt inaugurated a genocide against all Hebrew male babies, for the Hebrew people were growing in numbers and flourishing while serving as slaves in Egypt.

Then the day came when God decided to right the wrongs against His people by providing a leader for them who would be heaven-sent. His name was Moses and, like all of the prophets, he became God’s spokesperson to His people. The Passover was instituted and the hour had arrived; for God was going to demonstrate His authority over the spiritual empire waters of the world, which were described in Genesis, chapters one and two.

Just as the sea closed in over the Egyptian army, God is again going to part the sea to allow His people to pass through the empire waters of this world, in order to cross over to the other side, before allowing the waters to come back over the empires, in the same way that they covered over the Titanic. The Israelites were protected from these waters, as were those who made it into the insufficient number of lifeboats on board the Titanic, to escape the watery grave. They all became victims to the same spiritual waters of the sea.

So, why does the world hate Israel? The truth of the matter is that she was set up as a nation under God’s rule, chosen from among the empire-building nations, which are founded on one form of religion or another. Today, it could be Islam, Communism, Hinduism, or simply Atheism. All empires are rooted in the religion of Satan who altered creation in the Garden when God’s living beings chose to listen to the lies, which established a belief system running contrary to the truth of God. It took dominion over the earth, or dry land, and the separated spiritual seawaters were returned, bringing about a mixture of evil and good. Christianity is nothing more or less than a blending of Satan’s religion with God’s truth.

So, God took back His Spirit of life from the living being, called man, just as He had indicated He would do. He then closed the Garden on the east side, after having driven man and his religion out and toward the East. The tree of life was no longer available to him, and he now had become an altered creation, doomed to die just as God said he would. He had become a son of his father, the devil, whom he believed in religion, and was as a dead man walking in his own new form of religion.

Yet, God also set in place a plan for redemption, which would restore His human creation in a garden-kingdom again. There would be a way established, running through the religious empire nations, which God established at Babel to break up Satan’s stronghold in unity. This would ultimately lead to Satan pulling his nations back together through wars and suffering until the world would once again be a One World Order of government, religion and trade, worshiping the beast, or the devil, instead of God.

How Satan hated that nation, Israel, which was blessed by the Most High God and commissioned to write His book of truth – the Holy Scriptures! For He was a God of truth who hated everything about Satan’s destroying religion. He hated its economic or trade system, which had replaced His provision for man, and He hated the establishment of man’s ruler-ship or government by force. It was never the plan of God for man to rule over man, as opposed to God’s ruler-ship, which extends liberty to those over whom He rules. The spiritual battle had begun and the fight between Satan and God was on for the souls of men.

At the same time, God moved along the way to redemption with the choosing of one faithful and obedient man called Abraham who left the religious system of his father behind to follow God and receive His covenant promise. God was going to bless all nations again with the restoration of man through the receiving of the Spirit of life. His redemptive plan would make it possible for him to live in harmony eternally with his Creator by following the Way. It would run all through the entire history of man, which would finally see him redeemed and living in the kingdom with God, as His house of Israel.

The Way would lead Israel directly to the cross, with Satan nipping at her heels trying to cause her to stumble and fail. How her heels would get bruised as she fought to destroy those spiritual demons, which attack the mind! Unfortunately for Israel, she kept listening, like Eve, to the devil and loved what she heard and saw in that fruit of the tree of good and evil, which was constantly put before the eyes of her people. Eventually, she succumbed, and God sent her eastward to Babylon to receive chastisement. Instead, Judaism blossomed and bloomed there, and a new, full-blown religion returned back to the Land with her. Now, Israel would have her own religion, like the other nations, for which she rejected the truth of God to become full sons and daughters of her father the devil. She would go on to declare that she had no king other than the Roman Emperor, Caesar.

God sent His only begotten Son into the world, not born of the corrupt seed of man, but rather of the Spirit of life, to redeem His lost creation. It now became a full-fledged battle-ground between the antichrist spirit of the religious empires and the Christ of the Scriptures, the Son of truth of the God of truth. And the war was on between the empire religions of the nations and the truth of the living Christ of the house of Israel and of a future kingdom, to come on earth.

In His pre-incarnate form, He had established the throne of David within the nation Israel, but would cross the blessing over at the cross to go out to all people of all nations who would believe upon Him for salvation and go on to become His witnesses to the truth of the gospels. They would become as the stones of His apostolic church of which He was the chief cornerstone and the only way back to God and to the kingdom.

Even His own nation hated Him and, through Judaism, it chose the thief and robber of souls over the One sent to save mankind. Make no mistake, Israel, the nation today, is no longer the Israel of God, nor did it have anything to do with the writing of the gospels of the New Testament. The job would go to the apostles and the church to write the gospels and then stand on the truth of them as the spiritual nation against which Jesus said the gates of hell would not prevail. The roots of religion would not take root in His true church.

Yet, Satan attacked again. Since he had no sword strong enough to come against the sword of truth, he established a counterfeit church in religion and called it Christianity, deceiving the world into believing that Jesus, not Constantine, a Roman emperor, had established it. Like the Hebrew people growing into national status within Egypt, the Lord allowed the Romanism of Christianity to be used to grow His church, right under the nose of its false leader, the pope, Satan’s agent and pagan priest of Rome. It housed her until she would be strong enough for Jesus to take His pure apostolic church out of the religious system in her own exodus from Romanism, and come into purity and readiness for the kingdom.

America became a wilderness for her and a safe haven for the believers of all nations whom He separated from the East and planted in the West to embrace freedom in a land established, once again, under the Lord God, His Law and His truth. This would not be another nation ruled by religion. But the moment she won her freedom on July 4, 1776 and was established as a free dominion, Satan began his plan of attack through a secret group called the Illuminati.

This group of elites set about to plot the overthrow of America and kill all Jews, until the One World Order of Satan could come into being after both peoples had been taken captive and had given up the truth for religion. It would take a few would-be emperors, such as Napoleon, Hitler, Mussolini, Hirohito, Khrushchev, and now that little twerp of a man called Ahmadinejad before it could become a reality. They were and are little men seeking importance as empire rulers with the status of gods or Messiahs.

They will quickly learn that they dare not come against the covenant of God, or they will find themselves face down and broken on the ground. Jesus will have His kingdom and He will rule with His church, against which the gates of hell cannot prevail. Never, for a minute, think that His church is rooted in a Judeo-Christian religious system whose father is the devil. These systems are all going to fall down on their faces broken like Dagon, the religious god of the Philistines. The Antichrist will come against the last move of the covenant when the priests of Jesus, the bride of His church, carry it the last leg of the journey, crawling, maybe, but not defeated, as they enter the east gate of Jerusalem with Jesus, where He will set up His throne of David and His kingdom.

Of course Satan hated Israel and now he hates America along with her. But he need not fear them, for they have both deserted the truth to embrace religion. They are the last 144,000 of the house of spiritual Israel, who will witness to the truth, who are the ones he needs to fear; for they will have the spiritual power of Elijah and Moses given to them. This means that they will victoriously make their exodus from religion, and will be the generation to see the seawaters come back over Satan’s final iron empire of the Babylonian system. The last of the empires rests upon the spiritual seawaters like a giant ship, trusting in the power of gods, which do not exist, but are only myths, such as is Titan of Titanic fame.

Great will be the horror of that day when the poor, deceived and those locked in by religion on the decks below go down with the rich and a powerful priesthood of satanic servants, riding the decks above them, some even dancing right up until midnight to the music of the night. Woe to you fools, who have trusted the lie, when God put before you, and preserved for you, His Story and His Book of truth, which could have been your lifeboat and salvation on the way to His kingdom here on earth! Have you not been praying for His kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven, while, at the same time, refusing to believe that it would actually come?

Until after the last world war, fought for God, liberty and country, there were no Muslims fighting on the side of God for liberty. They do not fight for God or liberty, but rather for Allah and religious world domination, at the expense of a little group of Hebrew people, whom they want wiped from the face of the earth, as did Hitler and his German patriots. They also want the name of Jesus, whom, according to our constitutions, we know to be the Ruler over America, removed completely from the military. They in fact are on another side of the fence from America, or, I should say, the America of the war years.

Now, we accept treason against God in America with every cult member to whom we grant legal citizenship. We have only begun to see the extreme danger it poses, with Fort Hood our example of the paradox of having someone within the military, who is actually part of the enemy against which we fight. Take a look around at the crowd celebrating the 4th of July! There are few, if any, Muslims to be found there, for they hate the God who rules over America and gives His people, who obey Him, victory over the enemy. They are the same Muslims who wounded the wounded soldiers honored on the 4th of July.

This was the year to put the fireworks away and listen to the patriotic music that honors God as the Father of the nation. It was time to turn back to Him and repent of this terrible deed we have done by allowing the evil nations of this world to come into His land, demanding their religious rights in order to trump Jesus, the Word and the truth. It is the aim of every Imam, who preaches from the mosques being raised all over this country, to remove Him and His Word in order to take over this country for Allah, and turn America into just another religiously controlled nation in a One World Order of Islam. They want our great God gone forever.

Wake up, America, to the dishonor we bring to our ancestors, who braved the dangers of the wilderness, and fought so hard to preserve the liberty, upon which we, their descendants, have placed so little value! It is nearly midnight. So let’s pray that the clock might stop this day as it did for Joshua to allow time for the victory we do not deserve, but so badly need, as God’s people, before the empires devour us.