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Soul-surfing the Floods

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

Soul-surfing the Floods

May 03, 2011

God is seeking those who will come to Him, for the harvest is near, as the Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” to those who have ears to hear and are seeking the waters of life (see Revelation 22:17) before the waters of judgment are released upon the earth. You could say it is as it was in the days of Noah when the flood came, with the only ones saved being those who were inside the ark.

This picture of Noah and his family represents Jesus and His family, which He will return to God. They are the inheritance of the kingdom within the covenant promise. The animals on board represent the salvation of the nations by answering the call to believe, though not born again of the Spirit (see John 3 and the levels of salvation, matching that of the tabernacle and the layout of the surrounding tribal nations).

The devil is also ‘soul-surfing’ at the same time as the seawaters and rivers explode with beastly creatures and serpents of all sorts and kinds, which are seeking to devour mankind. During Hurricane Katrina, there were witnesses who claimed they could see the serpents in the flooding seawaters.

Though spiritual, they are as powerful and as deadly as the natural. They are just waiting the opportunity to pull mankind spiritually apart, one piece at a time, an arm here and a leg there, so that our works and our walk are separated from the guiding hand of God. When one least expects it, the beast will rise from the depths and make the first attack as the process of biting away begins, until man is devoured and dragged down into the pit with him.

The only thing, which can save man is a wall of truth, erected all the way around, so that there is no entranceway through which evil can pass. Truth is as a sword that cuts through the lies of the enemy who began ‘soul-surfing’ the moment Adam and Eve were placed on this earth. Satan has been using the evil waters for a trap to lure us from the water of life, but there is nothing but bitterness found in them, with the Dead Sea being their final destination. There is no life in it – no fish, no vegetation, nothing but salt water, which can never quench one’s thirst.

This leads us to the watchmen on the wall of truth; their names are the prophets. Perhaps the most important men and women who have ever lived are the prophets. They hear the voice of God very clearly and their lives are directed by Him. They warn people and nations, particularly God’s own people, calling them out of corruption and back to God. They call for a change of the waters in their lives.

To the contrary, the most important people in the secular world are academia, the religious and the socialist thugs, the rich and the famous and the teen idols, all the proponents of liberalism, which lead men to separate from God. Stardom holds greater weight than righteousness in such circles.

We are going to focus for the moment on the spiritual world and the star-quality of the men of God called the prophets. Without them we would not have the Bible today, for in their closeness to God, they heard His voice and carried out His commands to speak to the people and to write for them. They were the source of penmanship that joined with the Spirit of God to write the Scriptures.

 One would wonder how they could have written the first few chapters of Genesis, if not by the spirit allowing men to write about things, which only the Spirit could direct. Likewise, the apostle John was taken up into the heavenlies in the spirit to receive revelation of things to come in the latter days. Only the Spirit could reveal such amazing things about the future, which John could not possibly know or understand.

The Scriptures are timely, written precept upon precept, beginning with the first writer and prophet, Moses, who wrote the first five books called the Torah. He created a complete picture of history, describing the seven evil empires of man, which Satan would use for his own purposes, as pictured in the rivers found in Genesis, chapter two. God used, and is still using, those empires to chastise His people, with the single purpose of cleansing them of religious idolatry and then drying up the spiritual flow of one river as the river of the next empire flows in the place of the former.

All evil will come to an end when the flow of the spiritual river of the last and Revived Roman Empire of the Babylonian system, encompassed in the river Euphrates, is finally dried up, so that the rivers of the world give way to the source water from heaven. It is the River of life, which once surrounded the Garden and will again surround the coming kingdom, at which point the ‘soul-surfing’ of Satan will be over, with the Lord, Jesus Christ, being victorious.

Israel failed to build a lasting wall of truth around herself; so she was invaded by one empire after another. Yet, God grew her right in the heart of Cush, or Egypt, where the Gihon River of evil spirits flowed. There followed an exodus of Israel from the place of these waters of religion and liberalism, which was necessary before the nation could enter the Promised Land. This was the same piece of property, which was once the Garden of Eden where the good living water of the Pishon placed a protective wall around it.

Still, God left one tree of evil within the Garden, which had to be isolated and separated from man if he were to be faithful and obedient to His God. God will allow none of it in His kingdom where there will be no imperfections. It served as the test for division, where the wall of truth separated His own from fallen man and the ‘soul-surfing’ of Satan.

Over the many centuries of the church age, the church underwent the test of Job, whereby those who deemed themselves to be righteous, would never come to understanding on their own. It was as the period when Job listened to his rather unwise friends, who were as a religious priesthood over him. But real communication with God culminated in Job understanding that his so-called, wise friends never really had any understanding at all. In fact, they would never come to understanding, were it not for Job finally using his new-found understanding to enlighten them.

Job was a prophet who talked with God and heard His voice. He wrote down his experience for our understanding. It is the nature of the God of truth, which He so desperately wanted us to understand, along with the incredible message of the redemption of Jesus Christ available to us. If our children were taught the messages of Job, they might not become victimized by the ‘soul-surfing’ of Satan in those wicked, evil-spirited waters with which he seeks to destroy the beloved of God.

The Spirit and the bride call, with the prophet again writing as in the days of old. Time is running out as flood waters overflow the land, demonstrating to us that the end is near. Wars and rumors of wars surround us and terror, such as was in the days of Noah, is with us again today.

Then the Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually (Genesis 6:5).

The rainbow covenant with Noah is a symbol of the Light, Jesus, broken for you and me as was the rainbow, formed by the refraction and reflection of the sun’s rays on water, the picture of broken light. In it lay the promise that the gates of Hades would not prevail against the Lord’s church. She must now make her exodus from religion and build the wall of truth completely around herself, so that in her purity the ‘soul-surfer’ will not be able to find an open door through which he can enter to begin pulling her apart, little by little and piece by piece.

Repent of your harlotry and cease surfing the flood waters, the mouth of which is ever open and waiting for an opportunity to devour you! Open your own Bibles and read them to your children so that you will not be ensnared when the day comes for the Lord to return for His own! Begin building the wall of truth so that you may survive the terrible and dreadful Day of the Lord; it is coming, and it is coming soon!

Religion will never save you or your children – only truth can do it.