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The God of Truth

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

August 08, 2010

People speak of the value of truth in their lives and will show disdain for the liar. These same people seem to be content to allow their children to be taught by lies and to be told that everyone’s truth is different. This statement opens the door to the can of worms we now call ‘tolerance’. Its companion is the word ‘discrimination’, with both leading to other words in the can such as ‘profiling’ and ‘phobic’. Put it all together and you have the politically correct religious package, or can of worms called Secular Humanism; but there is no religion in truth.

What is the origin of Secular Humanism? It all begins with the message based on the lies that Satan told Eve, stating that God’s truth really is not truth at all. He suggested God was even devious by not meaning what He said. “You will not surely die (Genesis 3:4),” said the serpent to Eve. Then he continued to offer her a plan that played into the fleshly desires that led, through ‘tolerance’, to embrace evil along with the good. Tolerance was introduced to man as a means by which to diminish the solid unbreakable truth of God.

However, the truth is that truth has a standard of rightness, which is intolerant of all things that are not good in God’s eyes. Therefore, to know truth, there is only one way and no other way; it can only be found in His book called the Bible. It is His guideline to truth in our lives and for that which can be called rightness. There is no other place where this can be found. Only the Bible is a holy book from God. It is not a religious book written by the wisdom of men.

The Bible, though penned by man, was written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Is there any error of man in it, and if so, how would we be able to tell? The answer to that question is “No”. The validation for this is found in the fact that there are threads of prophecy binding its 66 books together and the fit is only perfect when the thread runs continuously as one throughout the entire collection of books, written by different men; for every word carries prophecy, and the spirit of prophecy can only come from God, who knows the beginning from the end. No man knows such things.

I have found words changed from the King James translation with succeeding revisions becoming diluted, even purposely adjusted. One can immediately see how the thread of prophecy has been broken by changing the wording, which alters the truth of God. For example, in the KJV Bible, Revelation 12, the woman bears a man child, but in the NKJV, she bears a male child. Now a man child is both male and female, but a male child is only male. Hence it completely alters the understanding of who this woman is because of the two different natures of the child described by two words directly opposed to each other in meaning.

The Lord’s final words of the Book contain the message that if anyone adds to, or takes away from, the words of this Book of prophecy that God will take away his part from the Book of Life, from the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book (Revelation 22:19). One has to ask how much greater the sin when we take away the Book entirely from our children. Would this not be worse than adjusting God’s Word, to remove it entirely?

The reason Satan and his secular humanist lackeys hate the truth is that God is not tolerant of religion and He most certainly discriminates against the liar. There will be no liars of liberalism from God’s Word running about heaven spreading the filth of sin there. Since that heaven is coming to earth and coming soon, there is going to be an enormous adjustment to be made down here in the affairs of men with a new government under the Lord.

I recently heard on Fox News that the latest battle over the side-effects of Obama-health-care is the fact that funding would not allow Viagra to be supplied free of charge to men. The opposition to this claim was based on discrimination toward men. A battle is looming over demands that men have the right to their sexual pep pill on the basis that refusal of such rights would profile them, even when it is about a drug that cannot be taken by women.

It is no different from the argument that men who want to commit immoral sexual acts with other men are being discriminated against, because they cannot marry. Of course, they can marry and have as much right as another to do so. Their problem is that marriage can only take place between a man and a woman, not between two men.

You can call other relationships whatever you like, but they will never be a marriage anymore than a marriage can exist between the partnership of a child living with a mother or a grandson living with his grandfather. This is a no-brainer, which has nothing whatsoever to do with discrimination or tolerance. It has everything to do with the nature of man as male and female, not created to be Adam and Steve, but rather Adam and Eve, the mother of all living. How could Steve ever be that mother?

You cannot discriminate against the impossible, on the basis of the natural order of things. Two men can live together in a relationship, and call it whatever they choose, but it will never be a marriage relationship, for God has dictated that a man shall marry a woman and shall leave father and mother to cleave to her as one flesh, or as one body. They go together by nature of their physical make-up. Is this discrimination? Absolutely it is, and it is the perfect form of discrimination set in place by God to discriminate against any other form of relationship being called a marriage.

It is the lust of man being fused by Satan, which calls black, white, and white, black, declaring the lie that it is discrimination not to do so. In other words, to refuse to recognize evil along with the good is what the secular world calls discrimination, bringing us full circle from the Garden to our classrooms of today where Satan’s minions are now teaching the same lies, as though they were truth, which originally led man to sin and death in the first place.

Tolerance and discrimination have become empty words from an educational system bent on destroying all moral rightness among our American youth. America was founded by men who set up Constitutions with the intention of preserving the truth of God, and not religion, at the heart of the Law and the Judiciary. The Bible was the foundation for the great schools of education in America, which raised a strong nation of men and women willing to live and die for God in their witness to the liberty His truth offered us.

This was the case, until about 70 years ago. Now Satan has been handed such a stronghold over the nation that it is willing to offer liberty on a platter to the enemy. We have become such a mentally sick people that we offer the country to the illegals while our government uses the money of the legals to bankrupt the same legals for the sake of the illegals. It is what is known as the illness of Political Correctness, which causes a deranged mind no longer able to equate the difference between rightness and wrongness, good and evil, and truth and a lie. Our governments, our judiciaries and our classrooms are permeated with that great religious sickness of mind in which there is no truth.

Wake up, America, for you are a very sick nation indeed! Without a miracle from the Lord God above, your condition will become terminal. You are what the prophet Jeremiah described and prophesied over when he made the statement about God’s people who had forgotten Him and had stumbled in their ways from ancient paths because of worthless idols. The Lord said they had taken the pathway, which would “make their land desolate and a perpetual hissing; everyone who passes by it will be astonished and shake his head (Jeremiah 18:16).”

Thus says the Lord; they are not my words. I merely tell you the truth about the situation and the perfection of the prophecy, which will come to pass unless there is repentance and a return to the truth of God’s Word. His truth is sure and is from everlasting to everlasting. How is it that man has always loved the lie throughout the ages, but has hated the truth so much? Could it be that man hates the God of truth, the very same God who gave him the breath of life?