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By Decree and by Degree

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

May 14, 2013

By the Word of God, all things were created. The apostle, John, wrote of Jesus that He was the Word made flesh. So, by Jesus, all things were created and without Him nothing was created.

He called for the waters to abound with living creatures; He called for birds to fly above the earth across the face of the firmament of the heavens; and there was a variety of each, created according to its kind. God saw that it was good, and by the Word He blessed them and commanded them to multiply. From the earth, God created the living creatures, each according to its kind – cattle, creeping things and beasts, all according to their kind, and God saw that they, too, were good. There never was a command to cross-breed and alter the natural creature as created.

Then, God created man in the image of the pluralistic God, according to Their likeness, granting him dominion over all the living creatures. He created man, male and female, in order to be of a fruitful nature and able to multiply. It was not until God, who had formed man of the dust, breathed the breath of life into his nostrils that he became a living being by the breath of the Spirit of life. No creature of this earth was blessed as man was blessed; the creatures breathed by the volition of God, and not by His Spirit. But all things were good as God intended them to be, with man having a will of his own, like that of God.

Whether man would live eternally with God would depend upon two things. He would have to bring his will in line with the will of God through obedience to His Law. This meant he would be fruitful if he ate only of the spiritual fruit of the spiritual tree of life, so that all children of mankind would be born of the Spirit of life. On the other hand, if he were to disobey and eat the spiritual food that compromised the good with evil, which would grow like leaven to destroy all the good in man, then he would die as would his corrupted fruit. The spirit of death would take rule over him.

His choice was between obedience to God’s Law and life in eating the proper, spiritual food, or disobedience to God’s Law and death from eating the forbidden, spiritual food.

Now, apply this to the nation, America. Here was a nation in the West separated from all the nations of the East. She became like a shining city on a hill, the beacon of light and liberty to the world-empire-building nations, after she had been freed from their religions. They constantly warred for control over each other, each with their state religions, even to the point of being atheistic nations.

To the contrary, America was founded on the Word of God and governed by the Law of God. Her spiritual food was only the Word of God, which protected her borders. There is no religion in the Word of God; it is the truth by which all things were created. No one could enter Canada or the United States without first swearing on the Bible, the Word of God, and pledging allegiance to God and country.

There was no acceptable substitute for God and His Word. It was a lie from Obama and from the pit of hell, when he declared this week, to the nation on public television, that America was founded on tolerance for all faiths. No, it was not! Never did anyone enter this country by pledging allegiance to Allah, on the Koran, nor to Buddha, while meditating on the inner self.

There was only one way and that way was by pledging allegiance on the Word of God to the pluralistic God, which includes Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. By His Word this nation was ruled. Tolerance for faith meant one could worship Him in whichever way one might choose, within the spectrum that made Jesus, Lord and Ruler over this land. Like it or lump it – there was no recognition of offense taken by those who were offended by His name.

The Law of God would rule and the children would receive the teaching of His Word in the schoolroom, just as it would apply as the foundation for truth in the courtroom, and as it would be required for swearing in every member of government, so that ruler-ship in the land would consist of men and women who recognized Jesus as Supreme Ruler over this nation.

During my lifetime, I have watched the death of this nation take place – one that had brought forth the greatest, non-empire-building, national experiment this world has ever seen. No other nation has risen to the greatness of the United States, with Canada attached to her as a sister nation in God. They have been beacons of light and freedom under God. But the light is going out and the Statue of Liberty stands precariously awaiting the bombing by terrorists infiltrating a land, which has shouted in God’s face that it no longer wants Him or His Law. It is in the process of scrapping His Bible, even to the point of making it forbidden literature for our children.

And so, the voice of God can be heard through the voice of His prophets saying, “Just watch me! I will give you the gods of this world, which your hearts desire. I will make them rule over you until you cry out in pain to Me. For you are a rebellious people and a harlot nation to your God. You shall have Satan rule over you, just as he ruled over your rebellious ancestors, Adam and Eve.

I took you out of darkness as a nation and brought you into the light – from dust to life – but now it is back to dust by your own choice. It has always been a matter of your will versus Mine, and you no longer pray, ‘Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.’ Have you not also forbidden your children to pray as I commanded it? You were told to pray in this way, but you care more about the apostasy of Islam and what the false prophet Mohammed has to say than what is My truth. There is no Allah beside Me. I am the one and only true God. I AM exactly who I say I AM.”

Fools, wake up! You are not inherently good; you are desperately wicked. This is why you have wicked leaders and a government powerless to get rid of them. For God will send them, like the vermin they are, to rule over you if you reject Him for the creeping things of this world. Pharaoh wore the snake on his forehead and your leaders have the same, slithering creature ruling over their minds. Why else would Obama send planes of war and billions of dollars to the enemy, Egypt, in this day and age, when Israel had long ago been delivered from the captivity of that ancient, lost empire?

Israel’s exodus from Egypt was the pathway leading to freedom and to America. The Egyptian Empire will not rise again, but the last One World Empire will – the Revived Roman Empire and the final empire of the Babylonian system. All was set in place for the 7 world empires, when God broke up the religious tower-building of man at Babel into religious nations, which have been warring among themselves, ever since, in order to get back to the religious oneness of Babel.

You had your freedom, America, but now you are about to lose it by decree and by degree. Not only will you die spiritually as a people, but you will also die physically as a nation. Like Eden, you will return to dust, and the wind will blow you back whence you came, as if you had never been. Only those born again of that original Spirit of God will ever see the kingdom here on earth; for Jesus, alone, is the Way, the truth and the life, which is found in the breath of His Spirit.

When we cease to pray for His kingdom to come here on earth as it is in heaven, we will cease to be a nation under God.