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What Do the Last Supper and America Have in Common?

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

                                                         By Elinor Montgomery

What do the Last Supper and America have in Common?

June 27, 2008

What do the Last Supper and America have in common? At the Last Supper, Peter rejected the idea of Jesus washing his feet. But Jesus responded by saying that if He were not to wash his feet that he would have no part with Him. Then Peter wanted to have his hands and his head washed as well, in order to be thoroughly clean. But Jesus made the point that as their Teacher, He had washed them clean by the word, which He had spoken to them. The one of the apostles, who was not clean, had not broken his ties with religion, and eventually, in his uncleanness, turned Jesus over to the religious leaders.

In the same manner, the Lord washed the nation America clean with the Word. She stood on the firm foundation of the truth of the Bible, not on religion like all the other nations of the world; she was washed clean of it.

America is not a religious/state system, with a pope, an archbishop, a guru, or any other kind of official religious head of state. This is a nation over which the Bible rules as the source for our law and the basis for our judicial system. We have no religious affiliation under God, Who is the God of truth and not of religion. He forbids religious idolatry.

In so far as the apostles of the church had become the light and burning torch-bearers of Israel, to which Abraham’s inheritance is called, the nation of America became God’s spiritual Israel, His light and His torch-bearer of liberty in truth. His true church was called to be His prophetic voice to the nation.

The apostles were given the keys to the kingdom of heaven, so that whatever they loosed on earth would be loosed in heaven, and whatever they bound on earth would be bound in heaven. Had they ministered under the label of religion, the captives would not have been loosed and set free, which can only be accomplished by witnessing to the truth of the gospels.

Had America been founded on religion, it would not have been the nation chosen to hold up the torch of liberty to the world. It is only by having a foundation on God’s truth of the Bible, which has loosed and set America free and separated in God from all the other nations of the world.

It were as though God reached down to Christopher Columbus, speaking to him similar words to those spoken to Abraham, saying, “Come out of your country from the shores of your homeland and from your religious church system, which controls you, and I will show you a great nation, the foundation to which you will be blessed to have your name attached. Your journey in separation shall be a blessing to the world and I will bless those who are grateful for their liberty, and curse those who stand against the blessing I offer to the world. In your discovery, to which I am leading you, peoples of all the nations of the world will be blessed.”

Columbus wrote in his memoirs about the strong divine guidance he experienced, leading him on his divinely-inspired journey to a new land and a New World. For this reason, the Lord God is remembered in the new land by such names as those which Columbus planted – Trinidad and El Salvador (the Trinity and the Savior).

Was Columbus robbed from having his name placed on this New World? Did it not go to an Italian whose first name was Amerigo? He was a German mapmaker called Martin Waldseemuller who recognized the work of the explorer Amerigo Vaspucci, who had suggested a whole new continent existed in this New World. The mapmaker put his name on the continent, first appearing in the area, which we now recognize as Brazil. It was the first map ever drawn of the New World, and so the feminine form of the Latin word, Americus went down in history forever. However, it is Columbus we remember, though it is America she is called.

Under the guidance of Columbus, laws of liberty were set up for both his own men in the New World and the native people as well, who were to share equally in God’s Laws of justice. Meanwhile, back in Spain, the priesthood of the Roman Catholic religious system got wind of this and, in indignation, called Columbus up on the carpet for taking such liberties with the law.

The religious priesthood had another idea of how the colonies should be ruled. They felt it was the role of religion to establish the law, which was one of privilege for themselves and the settlers, with a different law for the native people whom they would ultimately come to abuse.

The pattern of the world can be understood by this picture, the same one, which was first played out in the Garden of creation. It was Satan, the author of religion who stole mankind from God, saying man could be like God and rule over other men in a counterfeit religious option to the truth. It was God’s intention that only He would rule over man in truth. Of such was the first counterfeit system of government of man established in religion and without the rule of God’s truth over it (the mother of Harlots and of the abominations of the earth, Babylon the Great).

At the moment man sinned and chose an option other than God’s plan, He closed off the way, on the east side of the Garden, back to the tree of life. The way Columbus took across the sea to America is, in fact, part of the closed-off way of the Garden back to the tree of life, which is Jesus, and which moved ever westward.

Does the naming of America for an Italian, not suggest prophetically a future takeover of this continent by the coming Revived Roman Empire? Is it such a far stretch of the imagination to believe this when we know that Satan is always waiting in the wings, ready to take away the liberty from God’s people, which He bestows upon them?

The revived Roman system is part of the Babylonian system, originating in the land from which God called Abraham to separate. The only reason Abraham endorsed a return to the same system of Satan, from which he had been separated, was to find a wife from his own people for his son of inheritance, and then separate her also and bring her to his son Isaac. The land of Babylon occupied the same territory as that which is known today as Iraq.

The Babylonian system is a coined phrase used to describe the satanic systems of this world, which come against the plan of God for man on earth. They are Satan’s form of government, based on the lies of religion, with a belief system that appeals to the pride of man and ultimately to satanic worship. 

No matter what it is called, it always starts with the acknowledgement that there is a God, but then goes on to deny the truth of His Word. Of course, Israel always has been, and America will be, the target of the empires, which use the sword to try and bring the world into religious submission and away from the truth of God.

The same term, Babylon, is used to describe the tool God employs to judge the disobedience of men, by loosing Satan, the object of their love, against them in chastisement for their disobedience to Him, Who requires us to have no other gods before Him. He allows His people who have been liberated to be taken back into captivity until they come to realize life in liberty is to be preferred to death in liberalism (rebellion to God’s truth).

After the entire world is filled with liberalism, except for those who have the understanding to reject religion and cling only to the truth, then, and only then, will Jesus judge the world with fire. He will return as the roaring Lion of Judah, unlike His first coming as the little Lamb of God, to establish His kingdom on earth for which He paid the price. For this reason, He taught us to pray, saying, “Thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.”

Take a look, my friends, at Babylon today, and consider some facts. Mesopotamia, now Iraq, was the cradle of civilization, where the Garden of Eden was located. Noah built his ark in Iraq. Man quickly followed by building the tower of Babel there. Abraham was called by God to leave that land.

Ancient Assyria, which was located in modern Iraq, took the ten northern tribes of Israel into captivity, which eventually led to their dispersal among the nations of the world. Ancient Babylon, which is now Iraq, took the southern nation of Judah captive into Babylon, only to see those, who returned to the Land, bring the full-blown religion of Judaism back with them.

Of course Satan’s attack always follows the pattern of the first attack in the Garden of Eden. It set the pattern for religion to undercut the truth. Today the attack comes in the form of tolerance for all things except the truth. The institutional church of religion in America sleeps, while allowing religious cultism to come into this land on the attack. Because of the religious nature of the counterfeit church, only a very small segment of the population, including the so-called best minds of academia, will be able to discern the underlying problem.

The empire of man, described in Revelation, is called Babylon because the subsequent empires were all part of the Babylonian system, which still holds God’s people captive to the religious system. Jesus broke in on the world scene to bring forth spiritual Israel, His church of spiritual understanding in the truth, needing no homeland as she went out to the nations preaching the truth of the gospel.

Eventually, there would come a time of ingathering, and it came with America being established as a home where God could give the pattern for His kingdom on earth. In comparison to the other countries, ruled by religion instead of by truth, men would have freedom to choose whom they wanted ruling over them. It always will boil down to the choice between God and Satan – between truth and religion. Now, we see clearly a mystery, which was previously veiled from our eyes.

America can fight the ‘just’ war in Iraq, perhaps next in Iran or even North Korea, but spiritual Babylon will always be there, waiting for its opportunity to attack the people of God who live civilized lives by standing on the perfect justice of truth.

America’s problem is an internal one, rather than external one, for God’s people are called to obedience to Him in truth. Satan will always launch the religious attack with the lure of idols, which appeal to the flesh. God’s blessing is liberty, but Satan’s captivity comes with religious liberalism (the system of Babylon, which lures men away from God).

America has failed to tap into this understanding, which has been given from the beginning. Her leaders are blinded by their ties to religion like the apostle Paul before his conversion from that of a Pharisee of Pharisees, the most religious of the Jews of his day. The church is dead and Laodicean in nature, after having been asleep for over 1600 years in the tomb of religious Christianity.

It is time now for the voice of the true church to surface from out of the darkness of a nation in its death throes. It is time for Jesus to call forth His friends from the tomb. The answer has always been and always will be one, which leads the nation back to the truth of God, the only protection it will ever have from the prince of this world called Satan.

A military victory of sorts in Iraq can never equal the victory of a return to God’s truth right here at home. Herein, lies the only power that can come against the forces of terrorism. Our children are dying of starvation from lack of truth and our judges are rendered godless without it while, at the same time, our governments are legislating liberty, out, and liberalism, in.

The destruction of the nation from within can only be reversed by a revival of absolute truth and perfect light. Only the Lord Jesus can cause this to happen with the voice of His true church echoing the sounds of the early apostolic church, which witnessed only to the truth, being no part of the religious system.

Wake up, America! Your last opportunity for a restored and liberated America is slipping away quickly. The gavel is about to come down, and then your number will be up. No amount of wars will change your destiny; only a change within the heart of the nation will put it back on its path of liberty in God, here on earth. Our weakest point becomes the enemy’s strongest one. When we allow each of our own personal Gardens of Eden to become wastelands of immorality and perversion, the enemy comes in like a flood and fills the void.

It was by religious idolatry and sexual immorality that Israel fell into the captivity of Babylon. If we send our soldiers abroad to fight on the grounds of ancient Babylon, instead of recognizing that we are fighting a spiritual battle for the Lord right here on home soil, then we will lose the battle to save America. In order to keep the enemy out, we must close our gates with the truth by placing the Bible at the gateway of the nation, never forgetting that Lady Liberty holds the torch of light and liberty in one hand with the truth, forged on stone, in the other hand.

How the religious world hates her! It tries to encourage self-hatred of the American people from within, instead of patriotism for what is good. The only answer for the nation’s salvation is for truth to be heard again in the classrooms and the courtrooms, with teachers carefully chosen to teach it and judges carefully appointed to judge by it. We must stand firmly before our government, demanding proper representation of the people by its refusal to embrace the agendas of minorities, which come against the will of God, our Ruler over the land.

It is the duty of a democratic government to uphold the dictates of the majority in so far as they are in harmony with the country’s constitution. We must free up the media by providing alternatives to liberal-driven news reporting. God’s people must engage themselves strongly in the fields of journalism and publishing. There is no quicker way to turn a nation around.

Do not allow yourself to be ensnared by the army of Satan’s demons. Instead, stand firmly on the truth in the army of God like the mighty apostolic warriors of the past who ran the race and fought the good fight, which leads to victory and the treasures of heaven.

Let America be washed clean as a nation once again! For we are approaching another crossover, just as the apostles were facing the crossover of the cross and the Lord’s crucifixion, when they shared the Last Supper with Him.